Ape King Slots

Ape King Slots is a fairly impressive game with a solid interface, which means that you shouldn't expect to be amazed when you try it out. The visuals were clearly not the priority when this pokey was made - although they are definitely crisp and attractive. Based on this alone, we would recommend it - but the real magic happens once you start to spin the reels and see what the slot has in store for you.

Since the interface is so clear and concise, there's no learning curve, nor are there any symbols to distract you from gaming heartily; if you download the casino software before playing, then this is a huge boost since real cash and prizes are now on the table. With 5 reels and 243 paylines, Ape King Slots is a giant of a game with many different ways to win. The 243 paylines are actually ways to win; in online casino parlance, the "true" number of paylines are 30. Once you begin playing, you'll find that the only thing you need to worry about are the controls - and frankly, you can opt for the AutoSpin feature to automate even that. Just spin once, sit back and relax as your wins (and losses) manifest on screen. Ape King Slots is fresh off the presses, and waiting for newcomers and vets to try their hands at it.

Symbols in Ape King Slots

The symbols are, frankly, rather generic - but how variable can symbols really be for a slot named "Ape King"? They are certainly functional. Add to that the moderately nice design, and you really couldn't ask for anything more. On the reels of Ape King Slots, you'll find primates of different species and genera, along with the poker card symbols from Ace through 9. Some of these characters take on a different hue when they form a part of a winning payline, so you'll want to keep an eye out for this cool little animation.

There are great gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees (our closest cousins, allegedly), and more. These have different values that have yet to be released by Real Time Gaming, as it is a very new slot. One of the symbols is very special, and it is represented by a picture of a gold-colored pot. It functions as the scatter icon and can deliver the free spins round into your hands. In fact, the gold-colored pot icon serves as a wild symbol, too, which allows it to replace any other symbol in the game to help the player complete a winning payline. Additionally, the scatter also replaces the giant gorilla symbol for even more opportunities at in-game cash and prizes. The latter applies only if you've downloaded the casino software - the free Flash mode does not allow you to collect real money.

Download to Wager in Ape King Slots

With the 30 pay lines primed and ready, all you need do is download to access them. They are fixed, which means that you cannot vary the lines - but you CAN vary the coin denominations to help you control spending. The range of allowable coin wagers starts with 30 cents and increases in increments to $150 for you high rollers out there. The coin sizes are 1 penny, 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, and 50 cents per lowest common denominator, and with the 243 available pay lines, this means you can bet a large amount if you maximize all wagers per line.

Ape King Slots Free Spins Feature

The prize-winning possibilities are the real reasons to download the casino software and give the real money version of this RTG slot s spin. With the correct combination of scatter and wild symbols, you could activate the bonus rounds that deliver extra chances (on the House) for winning reams of cash. The relevant symbol to unlock these chances is the gold pot; it can randomly trigger during a normal round of regular play - but you have to have downloaded the software to take advantage. When the high-value symbols show up, you have an additional chance to trigger the Battle Feature that doles out even more free spins.

Ape King Slots is worth the playtime, in our humble opinion. Download this Real Time Gaming pokey - you won't be disappointed. If you're not interested in playing for real money, then the free Flash version is always available on your mobile device or pc.