Bank on it Slots

Based on the classic 3 reel slot machines found on casino floors all over the world, Bank On It does add a new wrinkle or two to the old favorite. It features both a progressive jackpot, and a unique bonus feature that could have you feasting on cash. Every time you hit 3 blanks on a spin, the losing credits are added to the Piggy Bank. But if you hit the right combination you'll bust open that bank and keep everything inside. So sidle up to the trough and get ready to feast yourself on the piggy. Get these bonus codes to help you on your quest.

Bank On It Slot is pretty similar to the 3 reel slot machines found on casino floors like the ones in Aria or The Venetian. Bank On It does add some new twists to its credit. It has a progressive jackpot and a bonus feature. Both of these offer you the potential to win. Let's say you hit three blanks on a spin. The losing credits are added into the piggy bank. The winning combination results in the bank being busted open which allows you to keep the winnings.

Playing the slot machine Bank On It is pretty simple. You click on the denomination you want to bet. You can go from a few bucks all the way to one hundred. Next, plan how many you want to bet, ranging from 1-3. One option is to hit the "Bet Max" button. If you choose "Bet Max" you'll bet 3 credits, and the machine will automatically spin without you hitting the "Spin Reel" button.

Winning in a slot machine depends on the reel symbols popping up on the payline. There is also the potential for the progressive jackpot. This game also has a Pay Table which explains the payout for each reel symbol combination. You can consult this so you can always know how much you can potentially win.

Jumbo Jackpots

This game offers a progressive jackpot where a three-credit bet wins the jackpot if three 7's appear on the payline. The jackpot total is progressive and you can see it displayed above the reels.

Bank On It will appeal to both fresh and seasoned online gamers. It is very player friendly and offers a variety of ways to win. Navigate to your online casino of choice. Play the slot Bank On It today!