Caesar's Empire Slots

Caesar's Empire Slots

Ancient Rome has captured society's imagination throughout the years. One form is through movies. The 2000 film Gladiator brilliantly captures this ancient civilization with its computer generated images of ancient Rome. Another medium is video games. The recent Assassin's Creed Brotherhood follows the main character Enzio as he goes through the city completing quests. A famous casino was built using the ancient Rome theme. The name is Caesar's Palace.

There is a slot machine that taps into this ancient Rome theme. It is entitled Caesar's Empire Slots.

Let's take a hard look at the reel symbols in the game. This is how you win after all when reel symbols hit the pay line. The poker symbols of K, Q, J, A and 10 are featured in this game just like they are in other online games and at a brick and mortar casino like Caesar's Palace in Atlantic City or Las Vegas. Another reel symbol is a sword and a shield. This is a reference to the Roman army that Julius Caesar famously led into battle to build his empire.

One factor to keep in mind is that this is a 20 pay line progressive slot. Let's break that down. You can bet up to 20 lines to give yourself multiple ways to win. Progressive means that the jackpot keeps growing till it is randomly won.

Bonus Round Awaits

Slots are notable for their bonus games or modes. Caesar's Empire does have 1 bonus round and it's a free spins round with 10 free spins. You can trigger the bonus round when there are at least one Caesar symbol on reel 1-4 and a Colosseum symbol on 5th reel. This gives you the potential to win without having to wager more.

One key feature that the game has is autoplay. This tool allows you to pre-set your wagering options in advance. You can kick back and relax as the game will play itself. This might be a useful option for those that do not want to manually set their wagering amount and press spin for each session.

Ancient Rome is one of the more exciting periods in world history. You don't need a time machine like in Back to the Future to experience this era. Rather, you can just go to your online casino. Play the slot machine Caesar's Empire. You'll have a blast!