Cash Bandits 2 Slots

Society has always had a fascination with cops and robbers or crime in general. One artistic medium that has depicted this issue has been film. There are all different types of crime movies. One type would be films set around a heist. The movies Ocean's 11 and Heat come to mind. Another would be the gangster film. The Godfather and Scarface are two classics. They portray gangsters engaging in criminal activities like murder and corruption. Another way crime has been depicted is through music. Consider gangster rap. Artists like NWA and Public Enemy thrived on an outlaw image that portrayed themselves as modern outlaws at war with the police.

There is an online slot machine based on cops and robbers. It is called Cash Bandits 2. This is a sequel to the wildly popular first Cash Bandits slot. The game has 25 pay lines and 5 reels. A gambler is sure to find the right price point for them because the game can be played from one cent to two hundred and fifty dollars a spin.

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The slot machine reel symbols are based on the cops and robbers theme. One is a pink donut and coffee. This alludes to the stereotype that cops like to eat donuts. A teller with her hands raised is depicted as a slot machine reel symbol. This is logical because bank robbers usually get the money from employees like tellers. Another is the Cash Bandits 2 logo. A bank is a symbol. A dynamic feature in the game is the fact it has a bonus game. You can potentially win free spins if the scatter symbol emerges onto the pay lines. The free spin mode features 5 free spins and a multiplier of 2 right out of the gate. There is also another game where you attempt to crack the code combination on a vault. You can win between five and a whopping one hundred additional free spins. The game has outstanding sounds and images.

Fans of the original Cash Bandits will really like how it improves on the game that they know and love. Cash Bandits 2 also stands on its own merit. One does not have to bring experience playing the original to enjoy the sequel. All the bonus games and fun graphics provide for a fun experience.

Hustle on over to the online casino you use. Play Cash Bandits 2 for a wild and wonderful experience.