Count Spectacular Slots

Do you the online casino gamer like Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire or more modern vampire movies like Twilight? This slot machine game entitled Count Spectacular caters to your interest in vampires by providing a great game based on this topic matter.

In the story Dracula or even Interview with the Vampire, the vampire characters were affluent and had a nice residence be it a mountain castle or a Southern gothic mansion. Wouldn't you like to be affluent? Take the risk. Make a deposit on your favorite online casino and play Count Spectacular. Dare to win stacks and stacks of thousands. Nothing ventured equals nothing earned.

Game features

The game has up to 25 pay lines. One of the great options about the game is the sheer flexibility. One can bet from 25 cents all the way up to 6 dollars and twenty five cents a spin.

Another feature in the game is the developers made lots of great animations and images for the reel. For example when the Count Spectacular reel appears? an animation plays where a thunderbolt crashes and the vampire appears and does his vampire laugh.

One of the major features in the game is that it has a minor jackpot and a major jackpot. This feature struck me as pretty innovative and was the first time I had seen something like that. The developers of Count Spectacular deserve credit for weaving an interesting feature into the game that gives you the online casino gambler multiple ways to win money.

One of the reels in the game is an image of garlic. This is a reference to garlic being used to slay a vampire. Another one of the reels in Count Spectacular is an image of an open coffin. This plays into the theme of vampires because vampires are depicted as sleeping in a coffin during the day and roaming the earth at night.

Maybe you'll have your own castle!

Castles play a role. They help multiply your overall win total. Try this on for size. If the fates are with you and you hit the jackpot you could potentially be looking at 50,000 times the original bet if you win the jackpot. That would be quite the jackpot to win! Perhaps, you can buy your own castle and live like Dracula did!

The game is based on horror topic matter in the sense that it is a slot machine based on vampires. However, the game doesn't portray any violence or blood or gore.

Make a deposit and enjoy the fun today!