Coyote Cash Slots

Who hasn't played some variation on cops and robbers in their backyard when they were kids. Coyote cash is based on that in a loose way. Coyote Cash is modeled after the classic roadrunner vs coyote cartoons. In this case, the coyote is chasing a pot of gold rather than a roadrunner. The coyote's foe is an Eagle as a security officer driving a brinks truck.

Game Features

The features of the game include loot symbols. Three or more loot symbols activates 20 free games for you the player of the game. The game features 25 pay lines and 5 reels. You the player can wager from one cent to 5 dollars per line.

One of the reel symbols is the letter K. The letter K is painted red and has a very rustic rugged feel. There are nails and bullet holes in it. Another one of the reel symbols is the letter Q. The letter Q is painted purple. There are nails and bullet holes in it. The game includes another reel symbol. This reel symbol is the letter A. The letter A is painted royal blue. There are nails and bullet holes in the reel symbol just like the ones I mentioned before.

Autoplay is an option that allows the gamer convenience. You, the gamer, can set the game to autoplay. This means you don't have to click spin for each spin. The game will automatically spin and wager the amount that you the online gambler choose to wager for each spin.

The animated setting of the game is a desert similar to the desert landscape featured in the classic roadrunner vs coyote cartoons. Some of the features in the game include free spins and autoplay. The creators of the slot machine game Coyote Cash deserve lots of credit for making a game that has compelling animations and keeps the gamer engaged with a feature like the free games.

Dare to win!

Coyote Cash allows you the gamer the opportunity to take a chance to potentially make lots and lots of money. Who doesn't want a potential six figure bank account or the financial freedom and flexibility that wealth allows people. Jordan Belfort said once "I have been a rich man and I have been a poor man and I choose rich every single time". Take the chance. Make a deposit on your online casino of choice. Play Coyote Cash. Dare to try to win lots and lots of money.