Crystal Waters Slots

Who doesn't love the ocean? The ocean is one of the great natural beauties of our world. People can enjoy themselves in different ways in the ocean. They can surf, water ski, swim, scuba dive, paddle board, kayak or engage in other fun aquatic activities. Some people like to go on cruises across the ocean and see different locales.

If you love the ocean or enjoy slot machine games? There is a great game that will be right up your alley. It is entitled Crystal Waters. This is a fun game with a variety of ways to win money.

Game Features

The game has a great feature with free games. A whopping 15 free games are awarded when 3 or more yachts appear anywhere. A bonus fish can substitute for all other slot machine reel symbols except the yachts. The bonus fish is profitable for you the player because if the bonus fish substitutes into a winning combo? It multiplies the win by 2, 4, or 8. The bonus fish also is profitable for players when in winning combo with a dolphin.

The game is appropriately aquatically themed. It has reel symbols that correspond to the theme. One of the symbols is a sea shell with a pink piece of coral behind it. Another symbol is an orange sea horse with a pink piece of coral behind it. The game also has a reel symbol that depicts one big white yellow and black fish and three smaller white yellow and black fish. The letter K is a reel symbol. The game has the letter Q as a reel symbol. The letter J is a reel symbol. An A is featured as a reel symbol.

One great feature of the game is that the game allows you the gambler to wager from 20 cents all the way up to 100 dollars a spin which might interest some of the high rolling whales of the oceans of online casino gambling! The game developers who created Crystal Waters have made a fun and compelling game.

Will you be sailing around in a yacht?

Ever see The Wolf of Wall Street? Jordan Belfort sailed around in an amazing yacht. You would want your own yacht right? Who wouldn't? Make a deposit on your online casino of choice and take a risk. Perhaps, you will win a big jackpot and be sailing the crystal waters of the world's oceans in your very own yacht while you dine on lobster.