Dragon Orb Slots

Take flight with Dragon Orb Online Slot! Dragons are a popular fantastical subject in popular culture. They are featured prominently in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Daenerys Targaryen has three eggs which grow into three fire breathing dragons. She uses the dragons to wage war on the Lannisters. A dragon is also featured prominently in The Hobbit. Smaug guards his golden treasure. This fantasy creature also appears in the popular video game Skyrim. An animated depiction of a dragon can be found in Disney's classic 1998 film Mulan. This is a story from Asian culture that the Disney company made into an animated film. The comedian Eddie Murphy voiced the dragon character.

This is a slot machine that is based on dragons from the Far East. This is a common theme in the world of online gambling. However, this game does an excellent job of providing an original take on this theme. Dragon Orb has five reels and ten pay lines. A compelling feature of the game is the fact it has a major jackpot. The key thing to consider is that this is random. It simply keeps building till a player wins the jackpot. Hitting it does not depend on the result of your previous spin or how much you wagered on it.

Chinese dragons are not symbols of death by fire like how Game of Thrones depicts them. Rather, they are symbols of luck and prosperity. Both of these are good to have when one is gambling. A critical element in this slot machine is it's free spins. This game has that.

Fun Free Spins

You should really hope that the dragon orb lands in your gaming session. When the Dragon Orb lands on reels 2, 3 and 4 it will replace any other symbol. It also expands in size like how a dragon would. The wild free spin feature becomes a factor. This can lead to big potential payouts for players. The game offers payouts in both directions. This is a nice feature because a lot of slot machines simply settle with paying left to right.

This game offers flexibility when it comes to wagering. You can adjust the lines to go up to ten if you like.

Access the online casino where you gamble. Check that your account has money in it. Play the online slot machine Dragon Orb. You will be soaring to new heights of fun and excitement.