Fat Cat Cafe Slots

If you are hungry, love donuts, pastries and cute furry cats, then you will want to dig into Fat Cat Cafe Slots. This 5 reels 25 paylines video slots game created by the Real Time Gaming will have you licking your lips for more than just winning combinations and jackpots. This game will tantalize all your senses and then some more. Curl up to this game, pour yourself some coffee and crack open that box of donuts, it's time to see just how sweet winning cash can be. This video slots game came out in 2019 and has been a hit with slots players ever since. The setting of this game takes place in a pastry shop...but did you know that cat cafes actually exist? Yes, they do! Actually, the world's first cat café was called the "Cat Flower Garden" and opened its doors in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1998. The Taiwanese cat café eventually became a tourist destination, attracting tourists from Japan as well as all over the globe. Then it eventually became popular in Japan because of the population and small apartments, people could not have pets, so they went to cat cafes to get some comfort from cats. It's a simple idea and setting for a cafe, where you can order anything you like and there are cats everywhere. Imagine that...cats and donuts and pastries. Your heart will be purring. When you pull up to this cat cafe, right away you will see that it's the perfect place to be if you're a cat lover. On the reels it's all about the cats and donuts. The symbols on the reels are designed and illustrated in high details and will make your mouth water when you see all those donuts. You will find such icons as cats, cupcakes, eclairs, a coffee cup, slices of cakes and different flavors of donuts with a variety of icing and sprinkles. The coffee cup is the wild symbol and there is no scatter in this game. There are cats that will randomly appear on the reels at any time and can bring you different features when they appear. You will see such cats as a black cat, red cat, gray cat and a yellow cat. The good thing with this game is that it's absolutely loaded with lots of features, multipliers and bonus rounds. And because this is an RTG slot machine that means all US players are welcome to play. All you will need to do is set up an account at any online casino that has RTG and then make a deposit, collect your welcome bonus and head on over to the casino lobby. There you will see the new slots and look for the 5 reels and it will be listed there with image so it's easy to find. Now all you have to do is get those reels spinning.

How to play Fat Cat Cafe Slots

Fat Cat Cafe slots is easy to play and all levels of slots players can play the game. As you will see all the controls to operate the game are at the bottom. There you will see the bet selector button, coin selector button, and the big pink spin button in the middle; the auto spin button when you just want to chill, eat some donuts, drink your coffee and let the cats do all the work. If you are new to slots, no problem all you need to do is select the coin sizes you want to play with and there is a good selection in this game. The coin sizes will start at $0.01 and go all the way up to $1.00. So the denominations are nice and small. The maximum bet in this game is $20, so you can plan your strategy and keep those winning combinations coming. The slice of carrot cake symbol is one to make sure you get coming on the reels. If you get any of them on the reels in any random order will multiply your bet amount by 500x which is a lot of carrots and cash. Don't forget those donuts either. If you get the strawberry and chocolate donuts on the reels you will get 200x or even 300x your bet. Then you will get lots of cash if you get the raspberry and vanilla donut symbols on the reels. That can bring you either 125x or even 150x your bet. What makes the game interesting is the Cascading Reel Mechanic feature and it has some cool animations. What happens is that when you hit the winning symbols on the reels, they are removed from the reels and as you will see the new ones drop in from the top possibly giving you even more winning combinations. What does that mean for you? Well, that means you can keep winning all during the free spins when the Cascading Reel Mechanic feature kicks in and keeps going until you have all the winning combinations. Visually, the game is pleasing to look at and play with all the great graphics, special effects, music, sounds and animations that keeps coming as you play the game.

Fat Cat Cafe on mobile devices

Most of the major online casino software providers now have great mobile options for those who prefer to play on the go. With this game you will have the choice of downloading the software onto your computer, or if you like you can select the instant play option and play right in your browser. The game looks and plays great on Chrome browsers, Firefox, Explorer and Safari. All you need to do is find the game in the casino lobby and it will launch. If you are one of those who simply must have a mobile option, you're in luck, this game looks and works great on mobile. You can play on iPhones, iPads, Samsung smartphones and tablets, Androids, Google devices and even Blackberries if you still have one of them lying around. You can even set up your account, make a deposit and play the game within seconds. All online casinos will have a mobile version if they have RTG software, so you are ready to take a bite out of this game. The special effects, animations, music and sounds really make your mobile device look and feel like a Fat Cat Cafe. So if you get hungry and want to spin some reels that will make your mouth water, turn on your mobile device and enter the cat cafe. Hanging out at the donut shop this summer? No better time to load up this slot machine on your iPhone and show your friends how to win some cash. They will all enjoy graphics, bold colours and real feel slots that deliver the features and bonus rounds to keep the entertainment going and the winning combinations.

Fat Cat Cafe Slots Jackpots

There are some nice extra large jackpots in this game in case you want to fill up your box with more than just delicious donuts. The biggest jackpot in this game is $60,000 if you get the right winning combination on the reels. Just make sure you are playing the maximum bet amount and you will get the biggest rewards when that winning combination hits. As you play this game it's the Cluster plays and the cascading reel mechanic that can bring you the small wins, but will keep adding up as you play along. And definitely keep your eyes on those cats as they will bring you lots of chances to win big. They will for example, if you get a black cat on the reels in any order, it will clear a row. Or the red cat will clear a column. And both the grey and the yellow cats will clear all the symbols next to it. Overall, this game has lots to offer with all the features and special effects that are truly mesmerizing. But with a $60,000 jackpot to go for you will enjoy all the flavours of this game and it's a delight to play. And with all the software options from download, browser and mobile, this game could be with you whenever or wherever you want. For those cat lovers or people that like to visit cat cafes, you're sure to be able to relate to this game and all the graphics and animations that bring it to life. Play Now!