Frog Fortunes Slots

The Frog Fortunes title does catch the attention, doesn't it? We expected a frog, but we didn't expect the appearance of this game. That is a good thing though, as the game is all set to bring you an entertaining time if you care to try it.

We've reviewed it here for you, so if you haven't heard of it before, now is your chance to find out more about it.

Developer information

Frog Fortunes has been released by Realtime Gaming. You might know them as RTG too.

Demo play available

RTG games traditionally involve a demo version too, and that is the case for this one if you want to check it out before any real play begins.

Is this a frog-filled theme?

Not exactly, and the one we do get is made from gold. This sits on a disc in front of the reels, which take on more depth thanks to the appealing design. There is a lot of greenery around the reels too, but we cannot tell whether this is a rainforest or a regular forest setting.

Design elements in Frog Fortunes

The design of this game is one of the best we've seen from RTG. They have included plenty of detail, and while this doesn't qualify as a 3D slot game, it does have a lot of depth that draws you in. Detail and color are both here in huge amounts.

Reels, icons, and more in Frog Fortunes

You've got the usual five-reel format here with three symbols appearing on each one. However, the hexagonal shape of each symbol means that all the reels are in unusual positions. It plays the same as a 5 x 3 game though.

There are other changes here too, one of which is the absence of a wild symbol. We'll explain more about the other important symbols as we make our way through other sections of this review.

No paylines in this game

That is good news though because we are going for all possible 243 winning ways instead.

Choose one wager for each spin

Reliably as ever, RTG displays a series of wagers for each spin. You must select one before you start, and that bet covers all the 243 ways you could pick up some prizes.

Paytable details

The paytable is more important than ever in this game. We say this because the game has some different features involved - ones that you may not expect to see. By reading the paytable before you begin, you can find out more about them.

Look out for a random bonus

This comes in the shape of an exploding bomb. This is the leading feature of the game, so we'll cover it here. Firstly, we should tell you that it appears randomly after any spin of the reels. If it does appear, the explosion occurs and takes out some of the symbols appearing on that spin.

There are 10 patterns that can occur during the explosion. These are random too, so you must just watch and see what happens if the explosion occurs. All the vacated spots see the same icon appear. This does not guarantee a prize, but it does raise the odds that one will occur.

If it does, you'll see the winning symbols vanish, the ones above drop into their places, and new ones complete the gaps left behind. After this, if another prize is found, the same thing keeps on happening until no prizes are left.

No free spins in this game

Of course, while there are no traditional free spins, you can still find some extra spins on the back of the explosion if things work out well for you there.

No RTP available

There is one, of course, but RTG doesn't tend to release this information.

How good is the Frog Fortunes slot game?

It's good, for sure, and we think the unusual nature of the game is enough to warrant a score worth 8/10. Play it today to see if you agree with that.

Low volatility means a lower top prize

And in the case of Frog Fortunes, it maxes out at 150x your wager. We suspect your best bet is to get that explosion, secure a prize or two, and perhaps another one or two from the cascades that follow.

Play for practice purposes only to begin

The only way to see how Frog Fortunes works is to play it, but with the demo available, you don't need to dip into your pocket to do so.

Play for real at leading RTG casinos online today

There are lots of those to choose from, so make sure you get a chance to find out how they work. Sign up to the most appealing one and grab a deposit bonus when you do so.

Mobile accessibility for Frog Fortunes

Since this is a modern game release, you can expect to play on tablets and smartphones using the iOS or Android platform.