Goldbeard Slots

Arrr Mateys! Which pirate has the most gold of all the Pirates who sailed the seven seas? Is it Blackbeard? No! Is it Captain Jack Sparrow? No!

Goldbeard is the pirate with the most gold!

Consider pirates. I'm sure people have seen Pirates of the Caribbean or gone on that ride at Disneyworld. Imagine how fun and thrilling it must have been to simply board a ship and raid another ship for gold. It was a very free spirit life with high risk for high reward.

Now you can live a pirate's life without worrying about getting sent to Davey Jones' locker or getting hung by the British Royal Navy.

Online gamblers will find that this slot game is an engrossing Pirate adventure. They will have a lot of fun playing the game and trying to win lots of money through some of the different features and games within the game.

Features of the game

The game lets you bet from one cent all the way to 100 dollars. There are twenty lines. The animations in the game are colorful cartoons of a pirate for example or a parrot. Other reel symbols include the number 9, the letter K, the letter J or the letter A. One of the exciting features with the game is that when one or more goldbeards appear on both reels 1 and 5? Each goldbeard will reveal two, three, or four free games. Goldbeards can even appear on reel three during free games. If goldbeards appear on both reel 1 and reel 5 during your spin? Additional free games will be revealed.

All wins are tripled during free games.

A fun Pirate based slot game

Goldbeard is clearly an exciting and innovative slot machine game that allows you the online casino gambler the chance to win money in different ways. The game is very accessible. One does not need to be a high rolling whale to play Goldbeard. It has a pricepoint that allows gamblers of all financial budgets to take a chance to try to win lots of money.

Make a deposit onto your online casino of choice. Board the ship with Goldbeard and embark upon an exciting adventure. Attempt to win stacks and stacks of cash money.

Take that chance. Be a risk taker. Most of the pirates in history were risk takers. They boarded ships and braved storms, rival pirates, the British Royal Navy and other adversity in order to accumulate vast wealth.