Henhouse Slots

Henhouse Slots
Sporting a higher than average five reels and 25 pay lines, Real Time Gaming's Hand House Video Slots also comes with several random progressive jackpots for your gaming pleasure. As if that's not enough, the real money version – it is available only through download – also has a bonus feature, scatter symbols that payout handsomely, group wild's free games bonus feature that can deliver between five and 13 extra chances and a 6X multiplier. In this old-fashioned theme, play the grizzled veteran Pharma has been at a long time is very own place in the middle of Kansas (or perhaps it's Wyoming). Although none of the farm animals are particularly well behaved, it's the hens that are driving you crazy today – the running amok everywhere and you have to gather them up and put them back in the pen.

Here's a little something extra that you should understand about hens, since Real Time Gaming slots often veer into the educational. When hens all gather together, they establish dominance via a system of pecking (in fact, this is where we get "pecking order" from). The hens the package other to establish dominance, and the rooster – which is of course the mail – will pack the hens to not only establish is ultimate dominance, but to also show the hens where they belong in his harem. In fact, his presence is so essential that, if you remove him from the arena, then the hens will haphazardly pack each other until they packed each other to death. In order to restore order, you have to put the cock back in their midst!

Real Money Playing in Hen House Slots: Betting

Can play the virtual game using the program Flash; however, if you want a chance at cash and prizes, then you have to download the casino software and make a deposit there are 25 pay lines in all, and you can choose between 1 and 25 when activating back to game; however, experts and veterans almost always suggest you keep all 25 lines active. When it comes to the pay line wagers that are possible, you can bet between $.25 and $25 in total. Although there is no obligation to play for real money, keep in mind that extremely valuable rooster symbol can deliver a 5000 coin payout for five of these icons appearing simultaneously on the reels. Even better, out of all the available symbols in the game, an impressive 12 of them still award something even if you get down to only a triplet of identical icons on the pay lines, with four of them awarding even if you've got just two such symbols on the pay lines.

Of the available jackpots – again, only available in the real money version of the game – either one can be one at the conclusion of around. The smaller jackpot is known as the Minor Jackpot, and it is capable of delivering at most several hundred credits when it is triggered by real money play and luck. The second jackpot is known as the Maj. Jackpot, and is capable of delivering thousands of credits when won.

Hen House Bonus Symbols - Wild and Scatter

The substitute symbol is the hand, and it shows up as a group wild on the second, third, and fourth reels and can replace any other symbol except for the scattered egg. For five of these icons the wild hen delivers a pretty good amount of moolah. The real prizes, if you land five of these icons of the scattered egg symbol; every single win is multiplied by the total wager five of these icons of the scattered egg get you 200 X; four on the reels of the scattered egg symbol get you 20 X, and a triplet of identical icons is worth 2X.

The special bonus symbols also feature in the so-called Hand House Pick Feature you need a minimum of three scattered egg symbols in order to activate this. There are a total of three rounds during which you can win a host of prizes. For example, a single white and landing on the game board during the Hand House Pick Feature delivers an extra three free games as well as a chance to retrigger them. A single golden and gets you five free games as well as a multiplier.

Hen House Symbol Combination Payouts

The top symbol is, appropriately, the rooster. For five of these icons of the rooster symbol on the reels, you win 5000 coins; for rooster symbols you win 500 coins, for three rooster symbols you get 25 coins, or two rooster symbols you win five coins the second most valuable Hen House Slots symbol is the henhouse: five henhouse symbols gets you 2500 coins, four on the reels is worth 250 coins, 20 coins, and two such symbols is worth three coins. Starting off the middle tier is the former, himself five of these icons of the former symbol on the reels is worth 1000 coins, four on the reels gets you 125 coins, a triplet of identical icons is worth 15 coins, and two former symbols get you two coins the second midtier symbol is the form; five of these icons is worth 500 coins, for Fox symbols gets you 100 coins, a triplet of identical icons is worth 10 coins, red Fox symbols gets you two coins.

The final collection of symbols come in a bachelor three elements, signifying that they are all worth the same values as payouts on the pay lines. In the first of two batches we have the sheep, the piglet, and the bail of hay for five of these icons of either one you win 250 coins instead you managed to line up four on the reels of either the sheep, piglet or bail of hay symbols you win 30 coins; and for a triplet of identical icons of the aforementioned you win five coins. The final set of three symbols per batch consists of a pail of chicklets, a pair of galoshes (boots for the uninitiated into farm lingo), and a bag of chicken feed symbol. For five of these icons on the reels, your prize is 100 coins. For four on the reels of the previously-mentioned icons you win 25 coins, and for a triplet of identical icons you get 5 coins. Hen House Slots from Real Time Gaming is a pleasure to play, and it awaits your patronage at your favorite online gaming spot today - download!