I, Zombie Slots

I, Zombie Slots is another game from hitmaker, Real Time Gaming: hailed as a pokey in possession of medium variance, good RTP and a solid hit frequency, you'd be hard-pressed to go wrong playing this one for real cash and prizes. This is obtained by making a deposit after downloading the casino software, so that you can be eligible to receive House Cash into your newly-created account. Alternatively, the option to play for free is also available. I, Zombie Slots has 5 reels and 25 paylines ready and waiting for you to activate them, which maximizes your chances of winning. You can also simply choose to keep some of these paylines active; depending on your gaming style.

Are there any reasons to play I, Zombie Slots for real money? Well, first of all - there's a max payout that's sky-high and yet isn't considered a progressive (because this payout value is fixed); it could be yours to the tune of $12,500 if you wager the max coins. As for the theme, it's strange enough to keep you engaged because of its zaniness and ode to Ancient Chinese lore and legend. I, Zombie Slots is all about the undead, where you've got Chinese warriors taking on the legions of underworld fighters. And, to answer your question before you ask it - yes; these zombies eat brains! Keep your wits about you and gamble responsibly, though.

Bonus Rounds and More in I, Zombie Slots

To get on the backs of the in-game zombies and make your way to the promised bonus rounds, you will need to get three scatter symbols lined up at the same time; additionally, you'll also receive a solid award in the form of a payout. Not only these; but all associated payouts are doubled and tripled depending on precisely how many scattered zombies show up. The coin denominations for the wagering are from 25 cents up to $6.25 in increments.

What, then, are the relevant symbols in this game? I, Zombie Slots has quite a few eminently-recognizable icons, ranging from a scattered mirror, Chinese warriors, and poker card jackets or suits. The Wild, as mentioned, is the most valuable, and if you get five of these icons of them, then you can benefit from the 2500 coins that are available. The hit frequency of this pokey is adequate, and the Return to Player value is slated at being around 96% (slightly above, actually).

Special Icons - Wild and Scatter

The wild in I, Zombie Slots is the I, Zombie game emblem/sign. It makes substitutions and improves your winnings as a result. The only symbol that it cannot replace is the Scattered mirror; the mirror, however, paves the way to the free games round. This free spins round is very unique, however, in that it has attributes that aren't seen (probably) in any other RTG slot. Right off the bat, for example, when you enter this round you get 2 free spins just for being there! If instead you land 4 (as opposed to 3) scatter symbols, any resulting payout is doubled in value. If you get the full flush of 5 scattered mirror symbols on the board at the same time, then the resulting payouts are TRIPLED in value. You stand a darn good chance of corralling some really big wins with I, Zombie Slots if you play for real money and get bitten by the luck bug.

Keep in mind that you also win payouts from lining up scatter symbols. The biggest prize for this particular icon is 7,500x - with x being whatever you wagered at the start of the round. As for the much-vaunted bonus feature, it delivers free games when you trigger it with the scattered mirror. For five of these icons of the wild I, Zombie icon, you win a 2500 coin payout; for four on the reels of this icon you get a solid 500 coins in your bank account; for a triplet of identical icons your reward is 200 coins and for two such symbols of the substituting I, Zombie symbol you win 10 coins. For the scattered zombie mirror symbol, five of these icons delivers a 200 coin payout; four on the reels gets you a 10 coin payout and a triplet of identical icons is worth 2 coins on the paylines. All of this was covered in the above paragraphs; now, we'll get to the all-important symbol combination payouts for real money gamers.

Symbol Combinations in I, Zombie Slots - Payouts, Too

The first non-zombie symbol is the Chinese master fighter; for five of these icons on the reels, he delivers a 1250 coin payout reward for real money gamers. For four on the reels of the Chinese master fighter symbol, you get 250 coins; for a triplet of identical icons, the prize is 100 coins and for two chinese master fighters you win a respectable 5 coins. The next high-paying symbol is a rare girl fighter who, for five of these icons, returns a payout value of 1000 coins. For four on the reels of the girl fighter symbol you win 100 coins; for a triplet of identical icons your prize is 20 coins and for two such symbols you get 3 coins.

There are two mid-paying symbols in the game; the first is an undead zombie. For five of these icons the undead zombie symbol pays out 500 coins; for four on the reels the undead zombie gets you 50 coins; for a triplet of identical icons you win 15 coins and for two such symbols the prize is 2 coins. Right on the heels of this symbol is the gold Chinese bell icon; for five on the reels this one is worth a 250 coin payout; for four on the reels you get 40 coins; three Chinese golden bell icons are worth 10 coins and two such symbols gets you 2 coins.

The final set of symbols in the game are poker cards; Ace is first of course. For five Ace card symbols you win 150 coins in I, Zombie Slots; for four on the reels you get 30 coins and for two Ace cards you win 5 coins. For the King, five of these icons gets you 150 coins; four King cards are worth 30 coins and two King cards get you 5 coins. The Queen is next in line, and five of these icons is worth 100 coins; four on the reels gets you 25 coins and three Queen cards are worth 5 coins. The Joker poker card is, for five of these icons, worth a 100 coin reward; four Joker cards get you 25 coins; a triplet of identical icons gets you 5 coins. Lastly, for the 10 and the 9 numbers to round out the paying symbol combinations for I, Zombie Slots, we have 100 coins for five of either on the reels; 20 coins for four on the reels of either the 10 or the 9 on the reels, and 5 coins for a triplet of identical icons. Download tonight!