It’s a Mystery Slots

Mysteries have always captivated society throughout the ages. Think about Sherlock Holmes. The writer of Sherlock Holmes had the famous British detective use his expert detective skills and masterful intelligence to crack many a mystery. A more contemporary example of a mystery would be the great movie Fargo. The pregnant police chief is trying to solve a murder mystery and gets drawn into the kidnapping story. She carefully searches for clues and analyzes motives just like the hero characters usually do in mystery tales. Even the media art form of video games has a strong example of a mystery. The video game Batman Arkham City is a strong example because the player journeys as Batman deciphering larger clues about why things are how they are in Arkham City.

If you enjoy mysteries and or slot machines? You are in luck. There is a great new online slot machine that is perfectly tailored for you.

Game features

The pay lines range from 1 to 25. Three or more Its a mystery logos triggers a nine piece puzzle game. The number of correctly placed puzzled pieces determines your payout. This is a great feature that is highly profitable. It offers up to an astronomical 50 free spins. The 50 free spins allow the player the chance to wins lots of money on the house.

The developers of this game have created a game that caters to both fans of slot machines and fans of the mystery genre. Some of the reel images reminded me of the classic mystery board game Clue. Others reminded me of Sherlock Holmes. The game is entertaining and contains multiple ways to win lots and lots of money. The 50 free spin opportunity stands out in a league of its own.

Potentially have a mansion just like in the game!

One of the slot reel symbols is of a mansion. Who wouldn't want their own mansion? Everyone wants to be rich. Everyone wants stacks and stacks of money. I am sure that you do too right? Make a deposit on the online casino of your choice. Play It's a mystery slot. Wager money and dare to win lots of money. Perhaps, the reel images will become the reality for you and the only real mystery will be how many digits are in your bank account.

What are you waiting for? Make a deposit today on your online casino of choice and play this slot machine game. Dare to win lots of money.