Jack the Ripper Slots

Jack the Ripper is very much an infamous name, because of the many horrid crimes he committed in downtown London at the turn of the century. The software crafters at Real Time Gaming have seen fit to immortalize the curmudgeon in this brilliant new 5 reel, 25 payline pokey that explores the hidden underworld of London's grimy streets (grimy back then, anyway).The animation is elite, with three-dimensional characters and scenery all over the place, as well as a host of in-game elements that just might leave you with a fat bank account if you play for real money. The way to do this is to download the casino software and make a deposit. If you want to just have fun with the free version, then you can play in your Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers by using the Flash program from Adobe.

As for the monetary values with which this slot is working, there's a random jackpot that is capable of delivering a $1000 prize for the lucky winner. Some of the attributes that help with this include free spins in the bonus features, substitute symbols that are known as slasher wilds, and scatter symbols that open the way to even more riches. When it comes to the real money wagering, you can bet a coin denomination that ranges from between 0.01 credits to 5.00 credits. As such, when all 25 paylines are active, this means that you can wager between 0.25 credits and 125.00 credits per game.

Progressive Slot and Pay Table Introduction

As hinted above, Jack the Ripper Slots has a progressive jackpot that pays out to the tune of $1000 for the lucky gamer - and this is just at the base level! Since it is a progressive, the actual value can end up being a lot more than 1000 credits; indeed, it can be a life-altering sum of cash if you get lucky enough. Keep all the paylines active, and wager a coin amount with which you're comfortable to mitigate risk. As more and more real money players download the software and play Jack the Ripper Slots, the pot will grow in value until the progressive jackpot is unleashed.

On the pay table, which is concerned with the symbol combos and what they pay out, they only do so (the symbols, that is) when they appear on the reels in the left to right direction (the reading direction in the Western World - as opposed to right-to-left with languages such as Hebrew and corollaries). Additionally, Jack the Ripper Slots symbols pay out when there are at least 3 of a kind on the reels - with the substitute icon paying out when there are two or more.

Bonus Symbols in Jack the Ripper Slots

When it comes to bonus symbols, there's a lot to like with Jack the Ripper 3D Slots. The first one that we'll investigate is the Wild; it is represented by a blood oath icon. As a substitution element, it can replace all non-scatter icons in the game to help complete a winning combination. In fact, the blood oath symbol also pays out when it shows up as a symbol combination. For five of these icons of the blood oath symbol, you win 2000 coins; for four on the reels of the blood oath icon you win instead 1000 coins; for a triplet of identical icons your prize is 100 coins, and for two such symbols you get 2 coins. The other wild symbol in the game is Jack the Ripper, himself; for five of him you win a prize of 1500 coins; four Jack the Ripper symbols gets you 750 coins, and a triplet of identical icons is worth 50 coins.

The scatter symbol is the Jack the Ripper signage; it pays out multiples of your bet at the beginning of the real money version of the pokey. For five Jack the Ripper signage icons, you win 50x on the paylines; for four on the reels you win 10x, and for a triplet of identical icons of the Jack the Ripper signage boards you get 5x. Additionally, the scatter symbol will also activate the bonus features known as the Jack the Ripper Slots Slasher Feature and the 3D Slots Free Spins feature.

Jack the Ripper Symbol Combinations - Real Money Payouts

The regular symbols in Jack the Ripper Slots are valuable enough not to overlook them. The first one of these is the well-dressed detective icon, which were five of these icons on the reels releases a payout of 1000 coins; for four on the reels of the detector symbol you get 500 coins, for a triplet of identical icons your reward is 20 coins after this is a lady detective which, for five of these icons, delivers a 750 coin payout; four on the reels of the lady detective symbol get you 250 coins, and a triplet of identical icons of her is worth 20 coins the last of the character symbols in Jack the Ripper Slots is a magnifying glass; five of these icons of the magnifying glass icons get you 500 coins on the pay lines; four on the reels is worth 100 coins, and three magnifying glass symbols gets you 80 coins.

The poker card symbols play a part in this game, as well. The first one is the Ace; for five of these icons you get 250 coins, for Ace symbols you win the five coins, and for a triplet of identical icons you get 15 coins. Following this naturally is the King: five Kings symbols are worth 150 coins, four on the reels of the King symbol get you 75 coins, and a triplet of identical icons is worth 15 coins. Next is the Queen symbol; five of these icons is worth 150 coins, for Queen symbols get you 50 coins, and three Queen symbols gets you 15 coins. The Joker symbol is worth the same as the Queen. The final set of symbols includes 10 and the 9; five of these icons of the 10 symbols are worth 100 coins, four on the reels of the 10 symbols get you 25 coins, and three 10 symbols are worth 10 coins. As for the 9, they are worth similarly: five of these icons is worth 100 coins, four on the reels get you 25 coins, a triplet of identical icons is worth five coins, and two such symbols is worth two coins. Hopefully you enjoyed this three-dimensional slot as well as our studio gamers – download Real Time Gaming's Jack the Ripper 3D Slots tonight.