Jackpot Pinatas Slots

Jackpot Pinatas Slots is from none other than Real time Gaming, and it has got a lot going for it besides the glorified name of the online world's top casino games-maker. The quality that you've come to expect from RTG is on full display here, with colorful, crisp graphics and exciting gameplay dominating your mobile screen. Of course, you can also play the 5 reel, 20 payline pokey on your desktop computer, as well.

Out of all the benefits that we will detail in this article, perhaps the best one is that Jackpot Pinatas Slots has a progressive jackpot. This means you have the potential to get more bang for your buck (in the real money, download version of the game, anyway) than with most other video slot options. The Mexican elements really pop out at you from the screen, giving you exciting visuals to complement the fast-paced gameplay. As for the potential moolah that's available - it is not unheard of you to win $250,000 to a life-changing $1 million at this game; courtesy of the progressive jackpot. From the symbols alone, it is still possible to win an impressive $5000 - so do not despair if the progressive does not come your way.

What's Inside Jackpot Pinatas Slots?

First of all, of the greatest interest is probably the terms and conditions under which you can win the progressive jackpot. Although we shall go through all of the symbols shortly, the Jackpot Pinatas Bull is the top icon and five of these icons delivers the topmost goods. Of course, if you don't download the casino software and make a deposit, then the prize is only yours in a virtual sense called "fun money." This is why you do not want to waste too much time (and chances at luck) in the free to play Flash version - unless, of course, you are here exclusively to play for free.

Another important symbol in the game is the donkey, which functions as the Wild and can make a substitution (to help complete a winning payline) for any other symbol except the Scattered dog or the Bonus Bull (the latter is the key to the progressive jackpot). Is the donkey valuable? Yes - most certainly. Although it has nothing on the progressive-unleashing bull, five of these icons of the donkey symbol can get you a reward that's a thousand times greater than your starting wager. This is just a taste of what the game has to offer symbols-wise; let's get more in-depth with the rest of the symbol payouts in the next section.

Jackpot Pinatas Slots Symbol Combinations and Payouts

The progressive jackpot-unleashing bull is tops, for obvious reasons. For five of these icons of this bonus icon you get the jackpot; additionally, this payout is added to whatever else you win during the same round of play. For four on the reels of the bull symbol you win 2500 coins; three bull pinata icons are worth 250 coins and two such symbols gets you 25 coins. After this we have the donkey pinata symbol which, for five of these icons, gets the real money gamer 20,000 coins! Wow! For four donkey pinatas, you still manage to win a 2000 coin payout; for a triplet of identical icons you get 200 coins; for two such symbols you get 10 coins and for two donkey pinatas you receive the lowest possible payout for this symbol combo: 1 coin.

The first two non-bonus symbols pay the most; we start with the lady with rose icon. five of these icons of her gets you 1500 coins; four lady with rose icons are worth a 500 coin payout; three lady with rose symbols gets you 100 coins and two such symbols are worth a 5 coin payout. Next, we have two symbols combined together since they're worth the same: the flower and the fireworks rockets. For five of these icons of either, you win 750 coins; four on the reels of either the flower or the fireworks rocket icons get you 200 coins; a triplet of identical icons is worth 20 coins and two of either is worth 2 coins.

The final three sets of symbols in the game are elucidated here. Let's begin with the gift and the macarena symbols; five of each gets you 250 coins; four on the reels is worth 40 coins, and three of either the gift icon or the macarena icon is worth 10 coins. The second batch includes a bracelet and a hat; five of either is worth 200 coins; four on the reels is worth 30 coins and a triplet of identical icons gets you 5 coins. The third and final set of icon symbols in Jackpot Pinatas video slots are the taco and the pair of lemon symbols (separately). For five of these icons of either one, you receive 100 coins; for four on the reels your prize is 20 coins and for a triplet of identical icons you win 5 coins.

The Jackpot Pinatas Free Games Bonus Features

This one is really fantastic, and can be activated by getting bonus icons lined up. When the free games are in effect, all of your prizes are magnified significantly in value. For example, as concerns the donkey pinata, you can win up to 40,000 coins for five of these icons - a truly life-changing sum of cash. For the rose flower girl, five can get you 3000 coins in the free games round. Even for the mid-value fireworks rockets and rose symbols, five can get you an upgrade to the tune of 1500 coins.

Download Jackpot Pinata Slots today; the betting options run the gamut to the benefit of all types of player. If you want access to the highest possible amounts, keep all 20 paylines active and wager the highest possible amount of $5 per line. You certainly have the option to wager lower, however - 25 cents, to be exact. Download now!