Lion’s Lair Slots

Lions are known as the king of the jungle. Lions come from the big cat family of animals. Lions are found in Eastern and Southern Africa. Their population has shrunk over the years mainly due to hunting. Lions are also known for their role in performances for human audiences. Some of you have probably been to The Mirage resort and casino in Vegas. The Mirage was home to the Sigfried and Roy white lion show. The show at the Mirage isn't around anymore. However, The Mirage currently has a nature habitat where you can view the white lions chilling out. A famous depiction of lions that captured the public's imagination would be The Lion King. The Lion King is basically Shakespeare's Hamlet on the African plains with animals playing the characters. The movie is regarded as a five star classic and features top notch animation, voice acting, and a stirring score from Elton John and Tim Rice. The movie later became a hit Broadway musical that took a different take in the sense that authentic African tribal masks are utilized to depict the animal characters from The Lion King story.

Game Features

The game allows you the flexibility to wager from twenty cents all the way up to 100 dollars. The player can play one line or all the way up to twenty lines of the slot machine. One of the reel symbols is are the numbers 9 and 10. A reel symbol in the game is the letter A. The letter K is a reel symbol. The letters Q and J are featured in the reels.

One of the features that the game has is autoplay. Autoplay is a great feature that provides convenience so you don't have to keep clicking spin or determining how many lines and the amount you wish to wager. There is a progressive jackpot in the game. This is a solid feature that allows the player a an additional way to win money.

Dare to become rich

Lions Lair is a well made game with reel images that remind you of The Lion King.

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