Loose Caboose Slots

Who doesn't like trains? Trains have been an exciting part of American culture since the formation of the transcontinental railroad captured the nation's imagination. Some people even use trains like Amtrak or a subway train to travel to their job. Some people even like and collect model toy trains like Lionel.

Veteran and new online gamblers alike should play the online slot machine game Loose Caboose Slots. Loose Caboose Slots is a creative and entertaining game that offers online slot players multiple ways to win. Consider the different features within Loose Caboose Slots.

game features

You, the online casino gambler, can wager any amount ranging from one penny to 5 dollars per line. The amount of lines that an online gambler can bet on ranges from 1 to 25.

The game has a progressive jackpot. This is a great feature that allows gamblers the chance to win even more money. A progressive jackpot is random. It can be won regardless of the amount you decided to wager or what happened on that spin.

The caboose can trigger free games and bonuses when three or more appear. Three or more caboose symbols equals 5 extra games. Free games are an exciting way for you to win even more money. The cash train moves across the slot machine revealing the free game amounts when there are three or more caboose symbols.

There are other reel symbols in the game. There is an image of an engineer. There is an image of a train. Another reel symbol is of a female passenger.

Try to Win

Think back to those railroad barons. Cornelius Vanderbilt was a man who started off locally with the New York Central. He had the vision and business savvy to expand his regional empire into a national empire that was able to take people from New York City to Chicago on his tracks. Cornelius became even more wealthy with his cash train.

Have you ever dreamed of acquiring as much wealth as Cornelius Vanderbilt. Do you want stacks and stacks of money? Do you want the happiness that hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars can bring? The possibility is there. Take the chance and dare to win your own cash train full of your money.

All it takes is simply making a deposit on your online casino of choice. Wager the money on Loose Caboose Slots. Dare to win it big! Play Loose Caboose Slots today and ride the cash train.