Lucky Tiger Slots

Lucky Tiger Slots

Do you enjoy tigers? Do you enjoy Asian culture? Do you enjoy gambling also?

My friend there is no reason to hop onto the plane bound for Macau to gamble the night away at The Venetian Macau and Wynn Macau. You can simply play Lucky Tiger Online Slot from your computer or phone.

The reel symbols correspond to Asian culture. One of the reels is of an Asian junk boat. Another reel symbol is of a flower on a lily pad. The usual suspect symbols of 8,9,10,Q,K,J, and A appear. However, the game developers chose to weave in the Asian theme by putting them on Chinese lanterns.

The game is well made and has a wealth of games within the game and different ways to win.

Game Features

One thing to keep in mind with Asian culture is that the number 8 is considered lucky. The betting range is between 88 cents and 88 dollars. There are 5 reels and 88 lines. You need three of a symbol to trigger a payout. The only exception is two Japanese garden symbols gets you something too.

One of the great features about the game is that there is both a minor and a major jackpot. A helpful tip is to play the maximum number of lines to boost your odds in winning one of the jackpots. Gongs also play a role in the game. Three gongs activate a pick a feature game. Four gongs pay out 18X your wager in addition to launching a free feature game. Five Gongs pays out 188 times your wager and launches a free feature game. That is one big payout folks!

Another feature is Autoplay. Autoplay spins for you. There is also a turbo spin option. If you feel like gambling like you are on 10 red bulls? go for it and cheer on as your potential winnings tally up!

An 8 figure bank account

Do you want the good life? Do you want a Rolex watch? Do you want Gucci shoes? Do you want to eat at 5 star restaurants? Do you want to fly around the world in a private jet? The good life costs money. One way to get money is to become rich. A way to become rich is to win money at gambling. Make a deposit on your online casino of choice. Play Lucky Tiger Online Slot and try to win lots of money. Perhaps, your bank account will have 8 figures. Play today!