Medal Tally Slots

Do you enjoy sports? Do you enjoy watching the Olympics in particular? Do you enjoy gambling?

There is a great game that will be a real winner for you. It is Medal Tally Slots.

Consider, the Olympics. The modern Olympic games find their roots in the ancient Olympic games that were contested in ancient Greece. Modern Olympic moments have included a young Cassius Clay winning the Gold medal for America in boxing in 1960. The American hockey team beating the Russians in 1980 stands as one of the great moments in sports. The 1992 Dream Team which included Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird on its roster captivated audiences and restored American dominance in basketball. Michael Phelps, the swimmer, holds the Olympic record for gold medals at an astounding 23. The Olympic spirit brings the world together every four years to pause and cheer on displays of athletic achievement and courage. Sports has the power to bring people together. Look at Korea. They may have guns and bombs aimed at one another. However, when it comes time for the Olympics? They compete under one united Korean flag.

Game features

The reel symbols include the usual suspects of Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. However, the game developers added a solid twist in that they put Olympic gold medals on those reel symbols. Another reel symbol is a swimmer. Michael Phelps helped expand swimming's popularity so this is a topical choice. Another reel symbol is the medals symbol.

A great feature in the game is the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot allows the gambler to potentially win even more money regardless of the outcome of the previous spin or the amount wagered. If you get 3 or more Feature Icons? You are awarded up to 20 free games. Free games are a way to win even more money without having to wager money. If you get 50 medal icons during a free game? You win the whole jackpot!

Compete to become rich

Do you have visions of fortune and glory? One way to achieve fortune and glory is to win money. A way to win money is to gamble. Gambling can be done by making a financial deposit onto your online casino of choice and playing Medal Tally Slots. Wager money and play as many lines as you want. Try to win a big jackpot. Dare to go for the profitable gold medal today!