Megasaur Slots

With colorful dinosaurs that roam the earth before you, you can find that this slot machine is one that brings a Jurrassic good time to you. You can find the help that you need and want right around the corner with the slots providing more excitement. This excitement can only be found with the slot that relates well with you. The Megasaur Slots might be those slots that bring the fun, games, and even the biggest winnings to your player account when you are a part of all that they have to offer.

How is the Game Play on the Megasaur Slots

Since the Megasaur Slots is made by Real Time Gaming, you can expect to find the best possible outcome from the game play you are going to be doing. From the spins to the wins, to the high-end graphics to the great sounds that follow, you know you will have a good time. You simply just need to spin and see if you are able to land in the right place on the slot machine at the right time. The slots are welcoming and ready for you to try them out.

Which Symbols Do You Have to Look Out For?

There are a number of symbols that will go around the board, so it is important to keep an eye out to see which ones are going to be spinning before your eyes. When this is the case, you can be sure to feel confident and ready to go when the time comes. You can make sure to check out the themed symbols first, because they are the ones that pay the most and are going to give you the most when you use them. There is the Red Megasaur, Triceratops, Green Megasaur, and the Volcano that looks like it is always ready to explode!

There are also more classic symbols that you will come across in this game. They don't pay out as much but if you line them up right, then you can get a decent bonus from them. The Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten are all a part of the game and are going to give you a chance to make it big if you can move them over and bring in the bigger dinos, because they are definitely the heavy hitters in this game. They pay out the jackpot, big amounts, and even open up bonus games.

So Many Bonuses, So Little Time

There are two different bonus games and rounds that can be played in when you spin the reels and see where they land. You can find that the Megasaur Feature is one of the best ones you will come across. It is a great way to really get the attention of those out there because once you hit the jackpot on this bonus round, you are going to be the one walking away with all of the cash. This is what you want when playing. The dinosaurs in this bonus round are going to pay out big if you land on the right colors.

After that, you can line up the Volcanoes on the board and make sure to open up the Feature Guarantee. This guarantees you a win if you can open the feature and see where it lands. Once this is done, you will then be able to choose the best possible way to play but also to win. When you win it once, you can be sure you know how to win it again when it comes spinning around the reels before you.

Get the Excitement of the Slots When the Dinos March in

This 5-reel, bonus slot with the video appeal provides more fun and games that are needed from a slot that has a lot to offer. Since this is a 5 reel slot, you can expect to play on up to 25 paylines. With no max bet and a chance to play one coin per line at $1 per line, then you know you can win some serious cash when playing against these dinos. With a prehistoric vibe, you want to make sure to check out more from the use of the slots, the excitement, and of course, the winnings that follow. There is something for everyone here and you just have to sign up to play.