Mice Dice Slots

Do you like cartoons about animals? Did you like the animated mouse movie ratatouille?

Do you also enjoy gambling? There is a great online slot machine game entitled Mice Dice slots. You can bring the thrilling excitement of gambling into your own computer or the palm of your hand with a tablet device.

Game features

The player chooses how much to wager and how many lines. The game is a 5 reel slot machine. There are 20 lines on Mister Money. Try to play as much and as many lines as you can.

Let's talk reel images. The reel images take a cutesy mouse animated look at gambling. One of the reel images is a female mouse in a cocktail dress with a feather boa and drinking a drink. Another reel image is a a rat as a casino employee. The rat is holding a craps table rake. Another reel image is a casino entrance. However, the developers portray it as the mouth of a cat. The usual suspects of the poker symbols make their appearance in this slot machine game as they do other slot machine games. However, the developers put a twist on it. They added hunks of cheese on the sides of the letters and numbers. That was a creative little way to weave in the mouse theme.

The game developers did a strong job in creating a fun game that will appeal to both new and long time veterans of online gambling. This game has compelling images and a variety of ways to win lots and lots of money. One feature to note is that the game has both a major jackpot and a minor jackpot. Both of these are additional features that allows you the player a chance to win without having to wager additional funds.

Do you want some additional cheddar in your bank account. Who doesn't want more money in their bank account? One way to get more cheddar in a bank account is to win the money. A way to win the money is through gambling. Make a financial deposit on your online casino of choice. Play the game Mice Dice slots. Wager the maximum that you can afford. Reload your account with financial deposits if necessary. Keep chasing the dream of being rich and keep playing the game. You never know when your lucky day of a big jackpot will come.