Mister Money Slots

Do you want to become rich? Who doesn't want to become rich. Rich people have it all in life.

Let's consider rich people. Look at Floyd Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather is a man worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Floyd has a fleet of luxury cars that he proudly shows off on social media. He has a private jet in addition. What you thought Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team are taking their shoes off for the TSA and flying crammed sardine couch? Think again!

Do you also enjoy gambling? Who doesn't enjoy gambling? Gambling has captivated people for centuries. There's no need to fly to Vegas to gamble the night away at The Venetian or the MGM Grand. Rather, you can bring the thrilling excitement of gambling into your own computer or the palm of your hand with a tablet device.

Game features

The player chooses how much to wager and how many lines. The game is a 5 reel slot machine. There are 20 lines on Mister Money. Try to play as much and as many lines as you can.

Let's talk reel images. The reel images are all about money, wealth, and that lifestyle Floyd Mayweather likes to live. One of the reel images in Mister Money is a private jet. Another reel image in Mister Money slot is a red sports car. Mister Money has another reel image in stacks of cash.

The game developers did a strong job in creating a fun game that will appeal to both new and long time veterans of online gambling. This game has compelling images and a variety of ways to win lots and lots of money. One feature to note is that the game has a random jackpot. A random jackpot is an additional feature that allows you the player a chance to win without having to wager additional funds.

Do you want your bank account to grow to new heights? Do you want a gold rolex? Do you want a brand new Ferrari? Do you want stacks and stacks of cash money? The answer can be found in becoming rich. One way to become rich is to gamble. A way to gamble is to make a deposit on your online casino of choice and play Mister Money slot. Wager as much money as you can and chase the dream of becoming a person of immense wealth, power, and prestige in life.