Naughty or Nice Spring Break

Did you enjoy the slot machine game Naughty or Nice? Did you know there is a sequel?

You can have the best of both worlds right on your computer or mobile device!

Naughty or Nice Spring break is a Christmas and beach themed slot machine. The basic plot is that Santa and the girls jet off to the beach. The player chooses how many lines they want to play ranging from 1 to 30. You, the online casino gambler, also have to choose your bet per line amount ranging from 30 cents to 7 dollars and fifty cents.

Game Features

Let's talk reel symbols. The usual suspects of Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace appear in Naughty or Nice Spring Break slot. However, the developers of Naughty or Nice Spring Break slot have decided to put a Beach spin on it. Those poker symbols are depicted on beach balls. One reel symbol shows Santa drinking a tropical drink while Bikini Clad Naughty and Bikini Clad Nice have their arms around Jolly Old Saint Nick.

Naughty or Nice Slots is a well made slot machine game in terms of the graphics and the different ways to win it offers.

Another feature to keep an eye on is the fact that there is both a major jackpot and a minor jackpot in the game. These are random. You, the player, can win a minor jackpot or a major jackpot at any time. It is not contingent on how much you wager or the results of the previous spin. This is an outstanding feature that provides additional ways for the player to win even more cash money.

All in all this is a sequel that is just as good as the original. Fans of the original and even gamblers who didn't play the first one will like this game. It offers a wealth of possibilities to win and is an engaging game.

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