Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

The world that we live in has many animals in it. People like to have animals as pets for companionship. A lot of people like cats. Some like how a cat snuggles up to you. Others enjoy the low maintenance factor. A cat does not have to be walked multiple times like a dog. Cats' playful nature appeals to some people. They love to play with yarn or chase fellow cats around. Cats have been depicted different ways over the years. The ancient Egyptians thought of cats very highly. One of the gods they paid tribute to was a half cat and half woman goddess named Bastet. There was a famous Broadway musical entitled Cats. Some popular YouTube videos include people playing with their cats. One of the most notable characters in the Batman universe is Catwoman. She is a jewel thief who at times chooses to help Batman. She was memorably portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer in 1992's Batman Returns. A famous comic character is Garfield. This is an orange cat who is fat and lazy. He is also known for his insatiable love of lasagna.

There is a slot machine about cats. It is titled Operation MYOW. There are three reels in this slot. There are five different pay tables to choose from. They are based on different colors: white, purple, yellow, green, and pink. One cute one is entitled Bat Cat. Each one has its own distinct pay out. The reel symbols are the same. The game is for folks of every bank roll size. It's not exclusive like the types of slots you see at the high roller lounge of the Wynn Las Vegas for example.

User Friendly Layout

This game will appeal to folks who are new to slots or gambling in general because it keeps it simple with three reels. Other games bombard you with video animations and hundreds of lines. However, sometimes keeping things basic is good. You are playing this game to try to win more so than playing for the aesthetic factors. Operation MYOW will also appeal to cat or animal lovers. There are a lot of people who own cats as pets in the world. One tabulation put the number at 75 million.

There is a strong probability you'll have as much fun with this slot as a cat does playing with a big ball of yarn. Check it out at your online casino today!