Orc vs Elf Slots

Do you enjoy Lord of the Rings? Do you enjoy online casinos and slots in particular?

There is a new slot machine called Orc vs Elf slot.

Remember in Lord of the Rings how the orcs fought the elves? Well now there is now a slot machine based on that mythical battle between orc and elf.

Game Features

Right off the bat? The big thing to note about this game is the 3D Graphics. This is a revolutionary step forward for online slot machines.

The game has all sorts of profitable prizes and free features. The big choice a gamer has to make would be choosing whether they want to play as an orc or as an elf. The elf has his own path through the slot machine game as does the orc.

Consider the battle bonus. The battle bonus is triggered by 3 Orc or Elf shields popping up on the slot machine.

Here are some of the features for each respective path.


Hobgoblin: Adds a sixth free spin, and gives a bonus spin every time you hit two scatters. Orc Army: Allows the orc fort symbol to count as an extra wild if an orc symbol also appears. Orc Horde: Adds an additional orc symbol to the first reel. Giant Spins: The darkling symbols now pay triple their normal values. Chaos Spins: Adds a seventh free spin. Orc Onslaught: Turns the final spin into a "super spin," in which the orc automatically covers the entire first reel.


Woodland Spins: You receive six free spins. Elf Magic: An extra wild symbol will appear on reel 2, 3 or 4 after each free spin. Huntsman: You receive a seventh free spin, and the elf will kill any orc that appears on reel 1, giving you a bonus reward. Ancient Archer: The elf will also kill any wolves that appear, granting an additional bonus reward. Archmage: One or two additional extra wild symbols will appear after every free spin. Forestal: Any elf that appears will trigger a "super spin," and all bonuses for hunting orcs and wolves are doubled. Elf King: Adds an eighth free spin, and super spins add an extra wild symbol.

Overall this is one of the best made slot games that I have come across. It has a wealth of spins and games within it to offer players different chances to win.

Dare to become rich

Do you want your own fortune that elves and orcs would kill each other over. I'm talking about stacks and stacks of cash money. What are you waiting for? Make a deposit onto your online casino of choice. Play Elves vs Orcs. Wager as much money as you can and dare to make your dreams into a reality.