Outta This World Slots

Do you enjoy movies or tv-shows about aliens? Do you enjoy gambling? If the answer to both of those thing is a strong yes? There is an online slot machine game that will be a big hit for you. It is called outta this world slots.

Consider science fiction. Everyone loves Star Wars. Star Wars revolutionized the science fiction genre when it first came out in 1977. It featured cutting edge special effects, a compelling story, and took audiences to different planets. The movies that followed expanded and took the genre to new heights. Another strong example of science fiction is The X-Files. The X-Files was a 1990s show on Fox about two agents investigating paranormal activity. The one was a skeptic. The other wanted to believe. The show was cutting edge in terms of story telling and had some interesting ideas. That's the thing about science fiction. This is a genre of creativity and imagination.

If you enjoy aliens, creativity and sci-fi? This will be a fun game for you!

Game Features

Let's talk game features. The player can wager from one cent to five dollars. The amount of lines that the player can wager on ranges from one to twenty.

Consider the reel symbols in the game. The usual suspects of Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace are included in the game. However, the developers wove in the alien theme by having a ufo depicted as flying around those symbols.

There is also the potential for free spins. Let's say a person gets black holes to pop up on reels 2 and 4. This will trigger a free game. You, the player, choose from 10 planets. You could win 5 free spins or 100 times your bet. That is truly an out of this world cash bonus.

Autoplay is a feature that you might like. Autoplay allows the computer to spin for you as opposed to you having to manually keep clicking spin.

A galaxy sized bank account

You want your bank account to become as big as an asteroid right? Everyone wants the financial flexibility to purchase luxury items. Perhaps, you have your eye on a signed Star Wars Rogue One prop or poster. One way to get the things you want in life is with money. A way to get money is to win money. One way to win money is to make a financial deposit onto your online casino of choice. Play Outta This World Slots. Wager money and dare to try to become rich.