Paris Beauty Slots

Consider Paris. Paris is one of the great cities of the world. Paris is the capital of France. This is a city known for it's art and it's history. The Louvre is known the world over as an elite art museum. It is located in Paris. The Cathedral of Notre Dame attracts tourists to this very day to study it's architecture and learn it's history. The tomb of Napoleon is another important site in Paris. Napoleon was an immense figure in world history. He ruled an Empire and led France into war. The great writer Ernest Hemingway traveled to Paris and was inspired by what he saw.

People who have been to the great Las Vegas strip know of the Paris Resort and Casino. The Las Vegas strip's Eiffel Tower stands at 540 feet. This is roughly half the size of the one in Paris, France.

Do you have an interest in French culture? Did you have a memorable trip to Paris? Do you someday hope to go to Paris? Do you also enjoy online gambling?

There is a great slot machine game that caters to that interest. Both new and veteran online casino gamblers will enjoy the game.

Game Features

The Eiffel tower is featured in the game. Three or more Eiffel Towers triggers 12 free spins. A croissant is featured as a reel image. Another reel image is of a French woman.

One feature in the game is that there is a random jackpot. The great thing about a random jackpot is that it can be triggered regardless of the amount that you, the online casino gambler, wagered or the result of that previous spin. A random jackpot is another feature that gives you the player more chances to win stacks and stacks of cash money.

Another feature in the game is autoplay. Autoplay allows the computer to spin for you as opposed to you having to manually click spin and also determine how many lines for each spin.

Lifestyle of the rich and famous

You want to live the high life just like the rich and famous of Paris do right? You want to toast your latest success with champagne right? You want to be able to buy a luxury item for your special someone right? Those items cost money. One way to obtain money is to deposit on your online casino of choice and wager on Paris Beauty slots. Dare to become a big jackpot winner!