PayDirt! Slots

Consider the gold miners of the 1800s. These individuals were entrepreneurial. They were opportunists. They had a dream. Not only that? They dared to follow through on their dreams. You should follow through on your dream too!

The great film "There Will Be Blood" depicts a gold miner and those traits well. In the movie, the character of Daniel Plainview is introduced as a gold and silver miner in New Mexico. He falls down a mine. He breaks his leg but at the bottom of the mine finds gold. He climbs out of the mine and crawls across rocky terrain with a broken leg to cash in his gold. It's one of the great shots in cinema when the camera pans up to show the rocky road ahead for him.

Well you as online gamblers have the chance to hit pay dirt. However, you don't have to engage in dangerous mining or risk breaking a leg like Daniel Day Lewis' character did.

Game features

The reels are based upon an Old West and mining theme. One reel is of a donkey with a sack of gold. Another reel is of a water pan that prospectors used in that era to try to come up with nuggets of gold.

If three or more pay dirt signs pop up in the game? This allows the player to choose one for the chance to win more money.

Another feature within the slot machine game is Gold Fever! This produces 5 free spins. Free spins allow the player the chance to win money.

The game contains another key feature which provides free spins. This would be Strike it Lucky! Gold mine images produce free spins. The free spins have the potential to grow your balance since you are playing with house money.

The developers of the game should be commended for their creativity in designing multiple free spin games to keep you the online casino gambler engaged in the game.

This is an enjoyable game. New and veteran online casino gamblers will have an enjoyable experience playing the many features within the game and winning money in different ways.

Dare to win

Here is the real question. What are you waiting for? Log onto your favorite online casino of choice. Make a deposit onto your balance on that online casino. Play the slot game PayDirt! Take that risk and try to win serious cash!