Penguin Power Slots

Consider penguins. Did you enjoy the march of the penguins documentary? Did you enjoy Morgan Freeman's interesting narrations? Did you enjoy watching the penguins in Batman Returns waddle around after their leader The Penguin? Do you enjoy online casinos and slots in particular?

Well if you enjoy gambling and even have a mild interest in penguins? This game will be right in your wheel house!

Game Features

The gambler can wager between one cent and five dollars. The game has reel images that are topical for the subject matter. An igloo certainly fits in with the subject matter. If three igloos pop up on the reel? A whopping 25 free games are awarded. Free games are a great way for you, the online casino gambler, to win boat loads of money without having to wager even more money. Here's a great additional feature. Let's say you, the gambler, have unlocked a free game. Additional igloos and extra baby penguins are added during the free games to enhance your odds of winning stacks and stacks of cash money.

The reel symbols tie into the theme of penguins. The usual suspect symbols of Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace show up in this game like they do most games. However, the symbols have a penguin/winter touch. The animators and developers have added clumps of snow or ice on them. A seal is another logical reel symbol. If you remember from March of The Penguins? Seals are the natural predator against penguins.

A really great feature is that the game has a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot allows the gambler to win lots of money regardless of the amount that they choose to wager or the outcome of the previous spin. There truly is a wealth of options and features in this well made and outstanding game.

Live a Big Time Life

Penguin Power is a cute little slot game that gamblers both new and long time veterans will enjoy. The developers of the game created a game based on an interesting theme. What are you waiting for? Make a deposit into your online casino of choice. Wager money playing Penguin Power slot. Who knows? You might win a jackpot or the Progressive Jackpot! Dare to try to become the Emperor Penguin so to speak in your neighborhood with a staggering amount of wealth that you won from playing Penguin Power slot. Play the game and have a ton of fun!