Phantom of the Opera Slots

The Phantom is found at the Opera house, so when you are looking for a slot machine that provides this beautiful play, then this is where you are able to find him. You can find all of the extras that come with this play and more right in this same spin. The best part is that there are bonus games, and you can get more cash and spins when you pull the reels and see where they land because this is worth it. Take the time, make the most, get more from the Phantom of the Opera and the fun to be had as a part of the stage, even when he is hiding behind the scenes.

How are the Graphics and Sounds with Each Reel?

This slot machine is made from Real Time Gaming, which is a high-end slot machine software developer. This is a great thing to think about. You can ensure that when you are spinning the reels, you are landing in the right place, at the right time. When you can see the reels and symbols spinning right before you in real-time, you are going to have a good time. You can also expect the sounds to be just as good as the graphics that spin around the board. This is a great feeling to have, and a great feeling to get, especially if you land in the right spots that pay out the highest and best prices.

Look and Learn with the Symbols

The colorful and mysterious symbols that you find at this slot machine are what brings a lot of people in. You can find that the symbols include all of your favorites from the Phantom of the Opera. Find the letter, Christine Daae, mask, mirror, Phantom, red rose, sheet music, and so many others. You can find the excitement that is waiting for you with each of the symbols that spin around and when you land with them lined up correctly, you don't have to worry about a thing.

There are so many different symbols you will find that come around the board. There are card symbols that you will find reeling around the board from place to place, so you want to make sure you are paying attention to those. You can find that the ten, Queen, Ace, King are all a part of the board, including the symbols that reel around with the card symbols.

Always Take Advantage of the Many Bonuses

The Phantom of the Opera does come with a bonus feature. While you cannot win too much from it, you can grab some of the free spins that come next. This is always a great feeling to have because you want to ensure that you are getting the best possible outcome. This bonus round is great to use to your advantage, especially if you want to keep the fun and games going with the spins that follow along with it.

Cash in When You're a Part of The Phantom of the Opera

With the horror and music theme that is usually found in the actual play, then you can expect to find it in the slot machine that provides the best look inside. With a max bet of $100, you know you're going to get a good payout if you bet the highest amount possible. It is well worth it if you are able to do this. With 20 pay lines, you can play all of them, half of them, or just a couple of them at a time. The more you place on the table, the more you are going to get paid out for. With coin sizes and bet sizes from .01 cent to up to $5, then you can find the best possible outcome from what they are giving. Enjoy this progressive, 5-reel, video slot when you check out what all it comes with in the end.