Purrfect Pets Slots

Do you enjoy pets? Do you enjoy online casino gambling? This is a game that delivers a pets and animals theme.

People like pets. Some famous Presidents have had pets through the years. The Obamas had a Portuguese water dog in the White House as a pet. President Clinton had a cat named Socks. President Theodore Roosevelt had no little than twenty plus animals roaming The White House as pets which captured the imagination of the country. Attila the Hun had war dogs which was appropriate given his war like personality. Pets play different roles nowadays. The Seeing Eye trains dogs to help blind people. Sometimes pets are given to veterans of wars to help reduce stress and help them gain a friend.


Players can wager from one cent all the way up to one dollar. This is a great feature that helps in terms of financial flexibility for you the gamer. The game has five reels in 3 rows. It is easy to use. The game has different features in its options to actually play the game. Online casino gamblers can download the game. They can just do instant play or even do mobile play. This is a great variety of options for online casino gamblers. One of the features of the game is that there is a major and a minor jackpot. This is a great option that allows players different chances to win even more money. The reel symbols are logically in keeping with the theme of animals and pets. Dog food is an example of one reel symbol. Another example is a mouse cat toy.

There is a bonus game called cats vs dogs. You, the player, have the option of picking one. This reveals additional bonus games. Free games allow you the player more chances to win money without having to wager additional money.

This is a solid game that will entertain both veteran online gamblers and those who are new to the world of online casino gambling.

Become top dog

You want to be the top dog among your friends in terms of your wealth right? Who doesn't? Who doesn't want to live the high life? You want a bank account with multiple 0s in it right? You want to drive a Ferrari and live in a mansion right? Dreams can possibly become reality. Make a deposit on your online casino of choice. Play the online slot machine game purrfect pets slot and try to become the top dog.