T-Rex Slots

Consider the age of the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were strong and mighty beasts that ruled the land. There were different eras of dinosaurs. One of the eras was the era that the beloved film Jurassic Park draws it's name from. The Brachiosaurus was a tall gentle plant eater with a long neck that was able to reach the tops of trees to munch on. Remember that great scene in the film Jurassic Park where Hammond leads Dr. Grant and the others through the park and upon seeing the Brachiosauruses says "Welcome to Jurassic Park!". Another dinosaur was the Velociraptor. Remember the scene from Jurassic Park where the raptors were in the kitchen after the kids? Those were clearly aggressive. However, the king of the dinosaurs was the T-Rex. The T-Rex ruled over the dinosaurs and ate his prey. The T-Rex also plays a prominent role in the film Jurassic Park especially where it attacks the jeep.

Well now you can have a fun dinosaur gaming experience and also win some money. How great is that?

Game Features

The game is a 5 reel slot machine. There are twenty five pay lines on the slot machine. You, the online gambler, can wager from twenty five cents all the way up to six dollars and twenty five cents. The developers did a great job with making game features.

If three Dinosaur eggs appear? You, the player, get the chance to pick one egg. This starts 100 free spins and the free game feature. If during the free spins T Rexes are obtained? The T-Rex will proceed to eat all other dinosaurs. Those reel symbols will turn into t-rex symbols. This can trigger winning combos and payouts. This is good news for your the gamer. The developers have clearly provided multiple opportunities for gamblers to win.

Deposit Today and try to win

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