White Rhino Slots

White Rhino Slots
Have you ever been to the continent of Africa? Have you ever journeyed on an expedition through the green hills of Africa or to The Snows of Kilimanjaro? Africa is a beautiful place where many people journey to go on a safari. They like to see the exotic animals and picturesque landscapes.

Well now you can through the magic of online casino gambling.

Journey to Exotic Africa

White Rhino is a game all about Africa and animals.

Africa has always captivated people throughout time. It is filled with lush jungles, wild animals, and beautiful landscapes.

What if you could live the dream of journeying around Africa and seeing some of the picturesque sites that legendary writer Ernest Hemingway wrote about in his classic book "The Snows of Kilimanjaro"?

Well now you can. And not only that? You can also attempt to make stacks and stacks of cash money. Perhaps, if you get lucky? You can have a mountain of cash money that is as high as Mount Kilimanjaro.

Game Features

The game is a 5 reel slot machine game. There are twenty five paylines. The bet limits range from a penny to a dollar. The White Rhino is a "wild slot" symbol. He can pop up on reels 2, 3, or 4. There is the potential for triple the winnings. If 4 or more white rhinos pop up on the slot machine? The player gets either 24 or 30 free spins.

There are also other symbols within the game. Kilimanjaro is an example of a scatter symbol. This scatter symbol within the game has a payout when there are multiples. Five Kilimanjaro symbols on the reel would equal a payout of 500X the bet placed.

The animations in this game are top notch. The overall design is easy to utilize. The slot machine is straight forward and user friendly. The website also provides an experienced and friendly customer service team to answer any questions if need be.

White Rhino is a game that can be found on most online casinos. If you are an experienced online gambler? Give White Rhino a shot! If you are a new online gambler? Give White Rhino a shot! Perhaps you will hit an insanely wealthy jackpot!

All it takes is a deposit to go on a journey. Make a Deposit on the website and go on a journey through the green hills of Africa and dare to win a big multi White Rhino jackpot!