London Inspector Slots

Do you enjoy stories about the classic detective Sherlock Holmes? Do you enjoy online gambling and slot machines in particular? It is no mystery to deduce that you will probably love London Inspector slots.

Let's consider mysteries or Sherlock Holmes in particular. Sherlock Holmes has been most recently portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. in two Sherlock Holmes movies. The Guinness Book of World Records states that Sherlock Holmes is the most portrayed character in cinematic history.

In literary and cinema depictions, Sherlock Holmes often performed cases for wealthy people who hired him to find some valuable piece of jewelry or some relic that had gone missing. They paid him a hefty amount based on his track record and his reputation. Well now you too can obtain lots and lots of money. However, you do not have to go trudging around foggy London with a lantern looking for clues or analyzing a dead body for finger prints.

Game Features

The amount of lines that a person can wager on ranges from 1 to 25. You the gambler can wager from one cent to five dollars. The slot machine works by simply clicking spin. One of the symbols inside the slot machine is the number 9. Another symbol is the number 10. One of the reel symbols includes the letter J. The letter A also appears. Other letters that appears are K and Q. Given that the slot machine game London Inspector is a homage to Sherlock Holmes it is logical that a tweed Sherlock Holmes esque hat would be a reel symbol. It is also logical that a lantern would be a reel symbol because in several of the novels the famed Detective often goes about foggy London with a lantern.

There is a progressive jackpot within the game. The great thing about a progressive jackpot is that it is random. The randomness of the jackpot means that it can be won off of any spin regardless of the financial amount that you, the gambler, wagered on that spin. This is an innovative feature that gives players another opportunity to win even more money.

Take a shot!

What are you waiting for? Make a deposit on your online casino of choice and start wagering. Try to win a big jackpot! Reload if necessary with multiple deposits. Chase your dream of being rich! You never know when you will win the big one. You will have a great experience with this game.