Naughty or Nice? Slots

Everyone loves the Christmas holidays! It is a nice time of the year. The unofficial start to the Christmas holidays comes with the arrival of Santa Claus at the end of the NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The Holiday Spirit

A lot of people buy a Christmas tree and put family ornaments and lights on it. Some people might like to join together as groups and go christmas caroling around their local neighborhoods. Other people might like to watch a holiday movie like the annual "A Christmas Story" marathon or "It's a Wonderful Life". People like to give gifts to their friends and loved ones. Well here's the thing. Gifts cost money. The stores in the mall aren't going to give out their merchandise for free.

You have the opportunity to have extra money during the holidays. All you have to do it make a deposit onto your online casino of choice.

Do you want that financial freedom and flexibility that comes with having some extra money? of course you do! You want to be able to get your friends and loved ones luxury gifts and live the high life don't you? Make a deposit and take the risk! Perhaps you will be the next big jackpot winner!

Game Features

The game has up to 50 lines. Some of the reel symbols include the following symbols. One reel in the slot machine has the image of a purple christmas ornament with a gold Q on it. Another reel in the slot machine has the image of an orange christmas ornament with a gold number 10 on it. An example of another reel image would be the image of a present wrapped in green wrapping paper with a gold bow. One more example of a slot reel image would be mistletoe. The game also includes an example of a blue christmas ornament with a gold J on it.

One animated reel is of the Naughty girl and another is of the Nice girl. They spice up the slot machine game.

The amount you can bet ranges from one cent all the way to 5 dollars. One option that the game shares with other online slot machine games is that it has an autoplay feature. The game also has a progressive jackpot. This is a fun and entertaining slot machine game. I highly recommend all new and veteran online gamblers consider playing this game on their online casino of choice.