Paydirt! Slots

Consider the gold miners. These individuals had pluck, ambition, and a vision. They worked hard and followed their dream. Not all of the gold miners succeeded. They did encounter adversity. However, some fought through adversity and hit Paydirt so to speak.

Game features

Paydirt is a 5 reel 25 line slot set in the days of the Old West when such individuals went west in search of hitting paydirt and becoming rich beyond their wildest dreams. One of the reel symbols is the gold miner. Another reel symbol is the gold miner's dog. A donkey appears as a reel symbol. A bandit appears as a reel symbol in the slot machine. Dynamite is certainly an appropriate image for a reel symbol seeing how the gold miners blew up rocks to try to find gold. A mining cart full of golden nuggets is another reel image symbol. This is certainly in keeping with the theme. Gold miners would build large mines into the earth with tracks to lead carts into and out of the mine. An image of a mine entrance appears as a reel image. One of the reel images includes a mining axe. The gold miners of the 1800s would use axes to hack away at the rocks to try to find gold. Paydirt also features a lantern as an image. Picture miners going into a mine with a lantern illuminating their path. Gold miners did not just try looking for gold in rocks and mines. They also tried looking for gold in rivers. A mining pan is another image. Gold miners would use the mining pan in a river to try to scoop up gold out of the river.

The minimum bet is 25 cents. The maximum bet is six dollars and twenty five cents. There are twenty give lines on Paydirt. Both of these features give the player flexibility to choose what amount they are comfortable wagering and how many lines they want to play.

Another feature with this game is the random jackpot. A random jackpot allows the player another chance to win. The random jackpot can be triggered regardless of the amount wagered or the result of the previous spin.

Try to hit Paydirt for you

What are you waiting for? Make a financial deposit onto the online casino of your choice. Play the online slot machine game Paydirt. Wager as much money as you can. Try to hit Paydirt and win a jackpot. Perhaps, you will win a big jackpot and you'll be able to live it up in life.