Scuba Fishing Slots

This is one of those video slots that makes you want to take a big plunge into the cool blue depths when you take just one look at the crispness of the graphics in the onscreen presentation. Real Time Gaming has outdone itself with this recent addition to their already considerable library of top-notch software casino games – in particular, Slots. In the surreal blue depths of the Atlantic (or maybe it's the Pacific) Ocean, you are the protagonist photographer with a high level underwater camera, taking pictures of the brilliant ambulatory ocean life flitting rapidly everywhere you turn your camera eyes.

SCUBA Fishing Slots has 3 reels and 27 pay lines; which is of course a very odd number combination. Although it has three reels, make no mistake – this is not a Classic Slot. First of all, the graphics are way too involved and well detailed to properly be classified as a Classic. Second of all, it has too many pay lines for that categorization.

Additionally, there's a scatter symbol; which is highly unconventional for a classic Slots. In SCUBA Fishing Slots the scatter symbol is represented by a great big shark; it can cruise interview at superspeed (relative to a human being anyway) at any point in the game and drop off some free spins to reward you for your troubles and diligence. A different kind of shark is the wild or substitute symbol and it can replace any other symbol in the game to help you complete a pay line for the win. In fact, this is not your usual substitute symbol – it expands to cover the entire center reel and the sides and bolsters your chances with a respin as you butterfly stroke resolutely towards the untold riches of the murky depths.

In order to engage SCUBA Fishing Slots, you will check the bottom of the gameboard screen and choose how much you want to bet with the provided arrow keys. Remember to play every single one of the 27 pay lines in order to maximize the range of probability to which you have access; just vary the coin amounts to keep your expenditures right where you want them. Never you are ready, just tap the Spin button and watch the reels spin up to a result – the actions very fast, and the reels will likely stop spinning before you're ready.

Alternatively, if you are not exactly the hands-on type when it comes to playing online casino games, then you can play it passively using the Autoplay button. Once pressed, the ocean waters were world about and many games will progress without you having to continue interacting with your touchscreen or desktop monitor. Remember to sets the terms of the game carefully when you're using Autoplay; the computer will continue spinning the reels using your last bet amount. With this in mind, it's probably best to use Autoplay in Spencer intermediate length, making sure to check back periodically to make sure that you haven't one a huge sum of cash and that it's not continuously being reinvested for a potential loss.

What, exactly, does the great big Wild shark do in SCUBA Fishing Slots? In addition to replacing all the other symbols to help the player complete a winning combination for the commensurate payout, the shark symbol also transports you to the bonus feature when at least three of them appear on the center reel in a Stacked Wild configuration. Once you're in the game, the shark icon will expand outward to cover the center reels and several marlin fish will show up to deliver the prizes. To check out the other symbols, see the pay table which is quickly and easily accessible at any point during gameplay. Every single symbol in SCUBA Fishing Slots pays in the conventional left to right direction – no exceptions.

The most you can win in this Marine video slot is 7500 times whenever you wagered on the bet line. This is definitely not too shabby for and underwater photographers vacation island dream. Gather of your wetsuit, your diving gear, your expensive waterproof HD camera and take the plunge into the rich blue-green waters of a serene tropical destination. You only catch a few glimpses of the protagonist – which is you – and you will see the mask, scuba tank, flippers and wetsuit as you tread water in the beginning and then dive deep to snap the wonderful creatures beneath.

You can play this three reel 27 pay line slot for free by directing your supported browser to the website and clicking the appropriate buttons. It should read (Instant Play) in bold letters right next to either a welcome bonus or a promotions menu. However, to really get into the game, you should probably download the casino software and play for real cash and prizes. To bolster your effort, the House provide you with a Welcome Bonus that usually matches your input 100% up to a certain amount of money. SCUBA Fishing Slots is different from any of the other slot you've played online, and you should consider adding it to your repertoire of games played. Download today.