Mayan Queen Slots

Do you enjoy learning about history? Do you enjoy gambling? If the answer to both of these is a yes? There is a strong chance you will like Mayan Queen.Mayan Queen is broken into 5 reels and 25 pay lines.

Consider the Mayans. The Mayans were an ancient civilization that had the gift of creative invention. This was a civilization with the ingenuity to come up with the long count calendar. They also created Hieroglyphic text to express themselves. The Mayans believed in the value of astronomy. They recorded the movements of the Sun, Moon, Stars and Venus. There were different periods in the Mayan civilization. The Mayans started out as hunter gatherers. They would cultivate crops like maize, beans, and other vegetables. The Mayans grew over the years. Eventually the city of Teotihuacan became a thriving metropolis. There was a dark side. The Mayans did practice human sacrifice. They would sacrifice their fellow human beings to their gods as tribute.

This game allows you to immerse yourself in the ancient world of the Mayans and even make some cash money along the way. You won't have to worry about the Mayan Queen ordering you to be sacrificed.

Game Features

Let's talk reel lines. The developers of the game wove in the Mayan theme. One reel symbol is a Mayan pyramid. The ultimate jackpot can be achieved if five pyramids pop up on the reels. That will equal 15,000 times your original bet. The truly ultimate jackpot would be if you got five pyramids and a mayan queen symbol. If you are wagering a decent amount? You could be looking at north of $100,000 dollars. Another reel symbol is a blue parrot. The Mayan Queen rather appropriately is the highly profitable wild symbol. The Mayan Queen can increase your winnings when paired in any combo. Emerald is another reel symbol. This reel symbol has strong profit potential. Let's say four emeralds pop up? Your total bet is multiplied by 50.

The developer did a solid job with the game graphics. The reel images are colorful and in keeping with the Mayan theme.

Become Wealthy

You want to be wealthy right? You want to achieve a staggering amount of wealth, power, and prestige right? What are you waiting for? Make a deposit on your online casino of choice. Wager money and play Mayan Queen slot. The potential is there for you to win lots of money.