Monster Mayhem Slots

Do you enjoy monster movies?

Let's consider the history of the monster movie genre. One of the earliest monster movies was 1933's Frankenstein. In Frankenstein, the monster is created through the dark side of science. The next big step forward for the monster movie genre was Godzilla in 1954. Godzilla featured special effects that were cutting edge for that time. It continued the theme of science gone terribly wrong. The decade of the 1970s saw two instant classics released. The year 1975 saw Jaws. The monster in Jaws was very real and Spielberg doesn't reveal the shark till deep into the movie. He carefully builds an atmosphere of mounting tension and dread for the audience before letting Jaws loose to wreck havoc. The year 1979 saw the release of Alien. The monster in Alien isn't so much the alien. It's more so the mounting claustrophobia and impending feeling of doom destroying the crew.

Do you also enjoy gambling? Well if you enjoy both monster movies and gambling there is a great game that you will enjoy.

Game features

The player chooses how much to wager and how many lines. Monster Mayhem slots is a 5 reel and 50 line slot machine. The expansion of the lines offers different ways to win. Try to play as much and as many lines as you can.

The big thing about this game is that there is a progressive jackpot. The great thing about a progressive jackpot is that it offers an additional chance for gamers to win even more money. The progressive jackpot is random. This means that the progressive jackpot is not dependent on the outcome of the previous spin or the amount that you wagered. This game also deserves high marks for catering to a wide swath of gamblers. A gambler playing Monster Mayhem slot can wager an amount that works for them financially.

Let's talk reel images. The reel images are related to monsters and pay homage to monster movies. One reel image is a crushed and burning car. Another image is a smoldering high rise building. A fire hydrant that is about to burst with water is another one of the reel images in the game. Some of the reel images can add up to highly profitable combos for you.

Do you want a monster sized bank account? Make a deposit on your online casino of choice and play Monster Mayhem slots today!