Prince of Sherwood Slots

Prince of Sherwood Slots
Consider the tale of Robin Hood. Robin Hood is depicted as an "outlaw" who steals from the corrupt and oppressive rich and gives to the poor. Robin Hood is usually portrayed as a supporter of Richard The Lionheart. In the books or cinematic depictions, Richard the Lionheart goes off to fight in the Crusades. Richard's brother King John is left in charge. He proceeds to tax the people heavily. Robin Hood becomes known as the Prince of Sherwood Forest. He creates a band of merry men who fight back using stealth tactics. A recent depiction of Robin Hood starred Russell Crowe and had Ridley Scott directing.

Do you enjoy the story of Robin Hood? Do you enjoy gambling? There is a great slot game that combines both of these into one. Prince of Sherwood slot will wow you in more ways than one.

Game Features

One of the features of the game is that it allows wagering flexibility. A person can wager from twenty cents all the way to 100 dollars. A person can play up to 20 lines at once. Another feature in the game is the concept of autoplay. This allows the computer to spin for you as opposed to manually clicking spin every single time.

The Prince of Sherwood does have a bonus game. If three or more archery boards pop up? The bonus game comes up. This is a great opportunity for players to win a lot of money without having to wager more.

The reel symbols are based in the Robin Hood mythos. The usual A, Q, K, 9 and 10 are in the slot game as reel symbols. However, seeing how Robin Hood was a skilled archer? The symbols have arrows in them. One other symbol is a gold bag. Robin Hood is often depicted as stealing bags of gold from King John or his men to give to the poor.

Dare to try to become a Rich 1%er

Deep down everyone wants to be rich. You want the mansion. You want the nice car. You want the designer clothes. You want the attractive lover by your side. Don't deny it. All of that costs money. One way to get that money is to win it. One way to win it is to play Prince of Sherwood slot. Make a deposit on your online casino of choice. Wager the money on the game. Spin and try to win lots of money. Perhaps, you will be living it up with your own merry band of friends.