Texan Tycoon

Texan Tycoon is a slot game that allows you the chance to achieve the kind of wealth portrayed on the classic TV series "Dallas" or achieved by a famous Texan like legendary businessman and professional sports pioneer Jerry Jones.

You Too Can Be a Wealthy Baron!

Who doesn't want to have millions of dollars in their bank account balance? Life gets expensive. Who wouldn't want the opportunity to snap their fingers and not have any financial worries? Who wouldn't want a private jet or a mansion or a personal driver? Not everyone has these luxuries. Well you have the opportunity to chase that dream. Dare to strike it rich just like those Texas oil tycoons did when they first discovered oil on their land.

Want to know how Jerry Jones made his fortune before he owned a pro football team? He was in the oil business.

You have the opportunity to achieve Jerry Jones sized wealth without getting your body soaked in oil like in the movie "There Will be Blood". All you simply need to do is make a deposit onto your website of choice. Make a deposit. Chase the dream and who knows? Perhaps you will be the next Texas Tycoon!

Game Features

The game is a 5 reel slot machine. The game allows you to bet up to 25 lines. The maximum amount that can be wagered would be $6.25 per spin. Some of the slot reel symbols include the following: oil workers, a truck with a cattle skull on it, an oil tycoon and Ks or Js.

Texas Tycoon has a solid design. The animations have personality and are well made. The payouts are generous. This is an entertaining game that will capture gamblers' imaginations and allow gamblers a new themed entertainment.

I encourage both new and veteran online gamblers to consider this offering in the world of online slot machine games. The developers of this game have done a great job in crafting a game that will appeal to people.

They say everything is bigger in Texas. Texans love their steak. Texans love their football. Texans love their money. This online casino slot game serves up a fun snapshot of Texas culture for online gamblers on their website of choice. This slot game truly delivers and lives up to that famous saying. Texas Tycoon is innovative and will really deliver an enjoyable online gambling experience for you the gambler. Give it a shot and enjoy the fun! Try to win a jackpot!