The Big Heist Slots

The Big Heist Slots
The Big Heist is a slot machine game based around a big robbery. Big robberies have been depicted in various forms of media before. One would be Bonnie and Clyde. This film chronicled the two infamous Great Depression era lovers who went around pulling off bloody bank heists. This seminal film pushed the limits on on screen violence and sexuality. It helped usher in the cinematic revolution of the late 60s and early to mid 1970s. This coincided with changing trends in society. The Ocean's 11 films portray big heists. One of them has Clooney's character leading a heist of the Bellagio. Literature is another medium that has depictions of bank robberies. Chuck Hogan's Prince of Thieves follows a group of bank robbers in the mean streets of Charlestown, Boston. It was later adapted for the big screen.

There are three reels in this game. It has one pay line. This keeps it simple as opposed to having to monitor multiple pay lines. It might appeal to folks who are new to slots or gambling in general. A gambler can wager from five cents to five dollars per spin.

One of the reel symbols is a police badge. This ties into the theme because the police fight against heists and robbers. Another reel symbol is a pink donut. This alludes to the joke that police like to munch on donuts. Coffee is another morning treat. It is usually paired with donuts. That is why it is a reel symbol in this slot machine. Shades and a gun are others. The gun has different payout options. Three guns is the highest. One factor to keep in mind is that higher wagering amounts might lead to bigger jackpot wins.

Safe Dials Can Unlock The Jackpot

The Big Heist slot game Safe Dial landing on the pay line gives you a number on the counter. Fifty Safe Dials unlocks the bonus round. Another way to win would be getting three safe dials on the pay line in addition to the 50 you accumulate in the counter. This will give you 10 times the amount of the safe bonus. The police badges play a critical role as well. Three equal the progressive. This jackpot is random. A gambler can win this at any time. The amount that you wager doesn't factor into a potential payout either.

Consider checking out The Big Heist. Rob up some fun and excitement by playing this compelling slot machine game today.