Incan Goddess Slots

Think about the great ancient civilizations throughout history. One of the largest and most powerful civilizations over that spanned a large portion of South America was the Incan Empire. The Incan empire included Ecuador, chunks of Bolivia, northwest Argentina, part of Chile and a small area of Southern Colombia. This was a society that lasted from the 1400s to about the mid to late 1500s when they were conquered by the Spanish. Did you ever see the movie Apocalypto? Well if you did you'll remember that Mel Gibson didn't sugarcoat the human sacrifice aspects of the ancient peoples. The Incan civilization did engage in human sacrifices as their way of pleasing the gods that they believed in.

Game Features

If you enjoy history and or slot machine games? Incan Goddess is a great game for you. The number of lines that you can play ranges from one to twenty. A person can bet as low as one cent all the way up to $5 per line. This allows the player flexibility to pick an amount that works for their budget.

If a player gets five Incan Goddess symbols to appear on the reels? You win the jackpot. Temple symbols can help to lead to free spins. If three or more temples pop up? You win 12 free spins with all money winnings doubled!

There is a progressive jackpot within the game. This is a random jackpot that can be triggered. This is a solid feature that offers the player an additional chance at winning money within their online casino of choice.

The reel symbols are themed around the Incan theme. There are pyramids, the Incan Goddess, and the usual poker symbols like the letter J. These reel symbols can add up to generous payouts or profitable combos when combined with other symbols. The developers should be commended for making an enjoyable and profitable game that allows you the player multiple chances to win lots and lots of money.

Dare to live the good life

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