Ocean Oddities Slots

Who doesn't like the ocean? Who doesn't love gambling? Well if you like both the ocean and gambling? You don't have to hop on a plane to gamble the night away at the Borgata in Atlantic City. Rather, there is a slot machine game that will be right in your wheel house. Ocean Oddities Slot is a 5 reel and 25 pay line slot machine game.

Game Features

The usual suspects of 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A appear here just like they usually do in other slot machine games. A clam opening to reveal a pearl is another reel image. That is certainly in keeping with the under water ocean theme of this slot game. Another reel image in Ocean Oddities Slot is a seahorse. A seahorse is an underwater fish so that ties into the theme of Ocean Oddities. Another image is the King fish.

An innovative feature with the game is that it has a minor and a major jackpot. The great thing about multiple jackpots is that allows the player multiple chances to win cash money. Another feature in Ocean Oddities Slot is autoplay. This allows you the gamer to pre-set the amount that you want wagered and the number of lines that you want wagered. The computer will simply spin for you. Some players might find this convenient as opposed to having to manually decide the number of lines and manually click spin for each game.

Ocean Oddities is a well made game. The graphics are solid and there are a variety of ways to win.

Become a King Fish with a big bank account

Everyone wants to be the big fish in terms of their own personal wealth right? Well what are you waiting for? Go to your online casino of choice. Make a deposit using their deposit methods. Wager as much money as you can while playing the game Ocean Oddities Slot. You might hit the major or minor jackpot! You might win a really large jackpot of thousands of dollars. You could become a person of immense wealth and status. Don't you want that? Don't you want to become part of that elite 1% of society and enjoy all the comforts and luxury items of an elite lifestyle? All you have to do is take that risk. Make a deposit and gamble. Perhaps, today will be your lucky day and you will become the King Fish in your neighborhood due to the size of your bank account.